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Product Name Group Death Insurance
Type Group Contract
Object The contract is underwritten by a company for the benefit of its staff. It guarantees in case of death or permanent total disability (itp) of the insured, payment of capital subscribed by the empl oyeur for profit.


Exclusion of a member

All employees aged 18 to 60 years who completed and signed the application form.

Unless reluctance, omission or misrepresentation an insured can not be removed from the insurance as long as he is a member of the group’s insurable workforce and provided his premium has been paid.

Contract length The contract is subscribed for one year renewable by tacit renewal unless denounced at least three (3) months in advance by one or other of the parties . The insured must not be more than 65 years old at the end of the contract.


Payment method

The overall annual premium of the contract is determined by applying the premium rate to the accumulation of guaranteed capital.

The pr imes are payable annually.

The subscriber has the option to pay the premium by bank levy , or by check.

Guaranteed capital The amount of the guaranteed capital is fixed in the Special Conditions. It is set for each insured by the employer   :

          Either flatly

          Either according to the annual salary

Total surrender

Advance on police

The Death Benefit Collective Agreement falls into the category of contracts that offer no possibility of redemption and therefore can not give rise to any policy loan.
Information of the member The company is committed to   :

          Give each member a document issued by the insurer that defines the guarantees, their terms of entry into force and the formalities to be completed in case of disaster

          Inform the insured in writing of any changes that may be made to their rights and obligations.

Termination of guarantees Contract guarantees cease   :

  • For each individual insured

          At the end of the contract

          In case of death or total disability perman ente

          If the relationship between the insured and the employer breaks

  • For all insureds

          In case of termination of the Agreement

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