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Product Name End of Care Indemnity Insurance (IFC)
Type Group Contract
Object The contract is underwritten by a company (the Contractor) for the benefit of its staff. It enables the Contractor to acquire a collective fund managed by the Company and intended to finance the payment of retirement benefits to the employees of the Contractor in accordance with the provisions of the Act, the collective agreement or the contract. company agreement.


Exclusion of a member

Is insured under this contract, the employees of the Contractor benefiting from a contract of employment of indefinite duration.

Consequently, trainees, temporary workers and persons under fixed-term contracts are excluded.

Unless reluctance, omission or misrepresentation an insured can not be removed from the insurance as long as he is a member of the group’s insurable workforce and provided his premium has been paid.

Contract length For each insured, the duration of the contract is equal to the difference between his retirement age and his age at subscription.


Premium distribution

Payment method

Premiums are calculated on the basis of the following:

          the compensation rates provided for in the applicable agreement

          the legal retirement age

          compensation of employees,

          the seniority of the employees,

          the assumptions of salary evolution,

          the probabilities of survival and presence in the company

The contract award is totally at the expense of the Contracting

Premiums are payable annually . However, they may at the request of the Contractor be paid monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.

The subscriber has the option to pay the premium by direct debit, or by check.

Guaranteed capital Main Warranty   : Retirement Allowance

Payment at retirement of a member of an allowance calculated in accordance with the applicable provisions and limited to the maximum amount of the available funds

Accessory Warranty   : Dismissal and death indemnity Are the subject of this guarantee, severance pay and death due by the employer in application of the aforementioned legal or contractual provisions when he breaks the employment contract of a senior insured under 60 years old or when he dies while still in business

Total surrender


Redemption is possible at the request of the Contractor. The surrender value equals the mathematical allowance at the date of redemption, minus an indemnity of 5{0b9b658be4e7cea0f9501a90e5b019132e767c5f848ea974d787bfde729495ca}. This indemnity is void after a period of ten (10) years from the effective date.
Information of the member The company is committed to   :

          Give each member a document issued by the insurer that defines the guarantees, their terms of entry into force and the formalities to be completed in case of disaster

          Inform the insured in writing of any changes that may be made to their rights and obligations

Termination of guarantees The guarantees of the contract cease in case of   :

          termination of the contract by one of the parties

– modification of the law, the collective agreement or the company agreement questioning the content of the contract

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